Law Blogs You Need to Follow Now

When I first decided I was going to apply to law school, I did what any common millennial would do: search for information on the Internet. This led me, naturally, to the holy grail that is Pinterest, where I began putting all the information I was collecting into a board.

One of the biggest and most important sources of information I found were blogs from current and former law students. Hearing about experiences directly from someone who has dealt with what you're worried about is such a validating and relaxing experience.

As I made my way through the online world of law blogs, I began to accumulate a list of bloggers whose posts I would rely on more than others. I thought that it'd be a great idea to create a list of my favorite law school bloggers to help out anybody who is in my boat!

Brazen and Brunette

Brazen and Brunette is the first law school blog I came across on Pinterest, and, if I'm being totally honest, she's one of the main reasons I chose to start my own law school blog. 

She has so many great blogs on here, and if you have something specific you're worried about, I'm 99 percent sure you'll find a post about it on her site. 

The Legal Duchess

The Legal Duchess is definitely a blog to check out for academic advice. Basically the entire academic section of my law Pinterest board is filled with her pins. 

I already know that once I'm in law school and making my way through classes I'm going to be relying on this blog for support.

To get started with her posts, I'd recommend you check out How to Create a Manageable Reading Schedule for Law School and How to Handle a Law School Cold Call

A Fit Future Attorney

One of my favorite activities is working out, so a blog that combines both fitness and law school is, of course, at the top of my list.

This blog, like The Legal Duchess, has amazing academic content. Also, like I mentioned above, I love the fitness side of the blog as well. 

Caffeine and Case Briefs

Last but not least is Caffeine and Case Briefs! Let's be honest, anything that says caffeine is calling my name.

My coffee obsession aside, she has one of those writing styles that feels like you're sitting across from her in a cafe catching up and studying. It's super comforting, and makes you feel as if a mentor is giving you all this great advice.

Some of my favorite posts on her blog are Law School Study Schedules and Law School Summer Reading.

Make sure to give all these blogs some love today!




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