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When I first started researching how to apply to law school, I didn't realize how much work truly went into it. I remembered from my undergraduate applications that it can take some time to write out personal statements and get my high school resume together, but law school apps are something else.

Currently, I'm spending most of my time focusing on studying for the LSAT, but that will be over soon with the November LSAT coming up in a little over a week (let's just avoid that topic for right now). My resume is finished, as I always keep an updated version on my laptop, and I'm working on the second draft of my personal statement.

I started out my application process by looking through a list of United States' law schools and jotting down the ones that interested me to research into later. After narrowing my list down several times, I ended up with five schools: the University of Iowa, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Miami, University of Denver, and Arizona State University (although I do have a few others in case my LSAT score isn't what I hope it's going to be). I based my choice of these five schools on the programs and specializations they offer, their median LSAT scores, etc--very typical application criteria.

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Much of the law school application process has been pretty similar to what I remember of undergraduate admissions: background information about yourself, your financial history, and more. The good thing about applying to law school is having the opportunity to use the LSAC website to keep all your applications in one place, which is a nice difference from applying to college as an undergraduate students.

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One of the pieces I'm struggling with the most is my personal statement. Like I mentioned above, I'm on my second draft of it, but it's taking me a long time to edit and rewrite portions of it because I want it to be as perfect as possible. While it can sometimes be good to be a perfectionist, this is one of those times where it's not. I'm hoping to buckle down and just get through it for a few more drafts so I can get it as close to what I want as possible sometime before my LSAT score is released.

The last portions of my applications are my LSAT score and my letters of recommendation, which I asked some professors and advisors from college to write for me. My plan at the moment is to get all my applications in as soon as possible so I have enough time to make a decision, find an apartment, apply for FAFSA and scholarships, and figure out all those fun details.

Are you applying for college or grad school right now? How is it going for you?




  1. I'm beyond those years--earned my bachelor degrees and master's degrees many years ago. My daughter just graduated from last school last May. It takes a lot of hard work. Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much and congrats to your daughter as well!

  2. I wish you the best and hope you get into your top school choices

  3. There is SO much studying that goes into Law School, I have so much respect for you!! You should be so proud of yourself! I got my degree after four years & I was more than done lol!

    -Madi xo


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