My Planner Setup

Let's get this out of the way: I cannot live without my planner.

I spend a decent amount of time writing to do lists in it, adding in work shifts and homework, and, basically, living out my life through it. I've tried before to go without a planner and use an online calendar or make notes on my computer, but I definitely prefer a physical, handwritten planner.

I've gone through a lot of different iterations in how I organize my planner, and I'm happy to say that during my time in undergrad I finally figured out something that worked for me and was pretty adaptable, as well.

I just bought a new planner with 2019 coming up WAY too fast (also I didn't need as much space at the moment since I'm not in school), and have been working to fill everything in. I got it at Target, and it's a collaboration between artist Ashley G and Blue Sky.

Inside the planner, there are monthly pages and daily pages, with the the daily pages being divided hourly and having space for notes and important thoughts.

Right now, since most of my time is spent studying or at work, I use the notes section to keep track of what I'm studying each day, my practice test scores, and to do lists. I also keep track of how many tips I make at work each day and how many hours I worked as well. In the "important" section, I put my blog posting schedule, day-long events, and little to dos that I need to make sure I don't procrastinate on. Lastly, there is the largest section, which has the day separated into hours from 6 am to 9 pm. In here, I'll draw out how long I'll be doing various activities like working, studying, or going to meetings or appointments.

In the monthly layouts, I include notes for when loans are due (yay adulthood), birthdays, days I work, appointments, and which Wednesdays are my paydays. I keep everything a bit more generalized on these pages since there's less room to write and I can go into more detail on the daily layouts later on.

Honestly, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have planners to help me keep my life organized. They're so helpful, and being able to look at my week in a simple way makes everything feel less hectic and calms me down so I don't get too stressed out when I'm busy.

Let me know how you set up your planner!




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